About Us

A proudly owned and operated Western Australian Company. Established 1995. 

We have one of the largest stock holdings of parts in Western Australia which means we are most likely to have the parts you need ready for pick up immediately. In the event that we are out of stock we are quick to order whatever is required.

We are proud to have a team with a high level of product knowledge. Many come from farming backgrounds so not only are they well versed on the products but they also have a real understanding of how problems and breakdowns can affect you. They are able to interpret your enquires, solve your problems and get you going again quickly.

With the world shrinking these days we like to think that we are your local business. We are centrally located to supply or dispatch your need quickly and economically.

Further to our commitment to you we have also installed a machine shop. We do not run this commercially but have put it there to assist you when you have a break down and no body else wants to know.

We really are the BEST VALUE ONE STOP SHOP in Western Australia. If you ever find that you do not know where to get something then please call us. We can probably help.